About Langley Quality Homes

Tim Langley has built over 100 homes around the Grand Lake area since 1990; most are upscale waterfront dwellings that exhibit the luxuries and features found in opulent coastal cities. While the majority of his homes cater to this demographic, he still enjoys designing and building smaller homes that live large and have the same details. Nowadays, most builders contract the construction of their homes, many of them don’t know how to build the house themselves; while currently Tim contracts the construction of his homes, in the past he built them himself (few people do this anymore).

Upgrades you would expect in a Langley Quality Home that sets him apart of the competition is use of 2×6 exterior studs, low energy glass, and deluxe heating and air units—the cost is slightly higher, but the greater savings in the long run are usually appreciated by the customer.

Tim Langley is a loyal and humble man whom you’d never hear boast of his accomplishments or accolades. He’s been voted #1 Builder in Grove, been featured in magazines, and had his homes featured on television and billboards.

Tim Langley is a father to three sons: Brady, Chad, and Tanner. He has been married to wife Laketa for 33 years. Tim and his family live in Grove, Oklahoma where they have been building for 25 years.

Laketa Langley is a big part of the business, decorating the interiors, overseeing landscaping for each property, and serving as the listing agent for each property under Dodd Company Real Estate. She sets the goal for interior decorating each home to be as much like a “dream home” as possible. With no extra fee for her assistance she is always willing to help Tim’s custom clients. Some say they hired Tim to build for them just so they could get Laketa’s decorating for free.

Tim and Laketa are truly a team and enjoy dreaming the design and seeing it through. To them, each home becomes like their child, a creation. Their best advertising is the homes  they build and for that reason, they never skimp on quality. That is exactly why they are Langley Quality Homes, and their slogan is “It’s all the little things!”.